India-Maldives friendship association to conduct seminar on expatriate workers

The Friendship Association of India and Maldives (FAIM) will conduct its second ‘Let’s talk’ seminar this Friday, this time covering the topic of expatriates in the Maldives.

The seminar will take place at 8:30pm this Friday (August 15) at the CHSE hall in Malé. Officials from the high commissions of India and Sri Lanka, and the consulate of the Philippines will participate in the panel discussion.

Questions tackled during the discussion will include: do we need to employ expatriates in the Maldives, does expatriate skill and labour contribute to the wellbeing of the Maldives, and does the presence of expatriates enrich the society of the Maldives?

Government estimates of the Maldives’ expatriate work report around 88,175, growing from less than 30,000 in the year 2000.

Local NGO Transparency Maldives, however, has suggested that overall figure may be closer to 200,000 and has called for greater awareness of the abuses and poor conditions many workers are facing.

The FAIM invites members of the public to attend and join the debate.