India needs to re-examine relationship with neighbours: Hindustan Times

Recent developments in the Maldives and Sri Lanka suggest a need for a re-examination of India’s relations with its neighbours, write Charan Singh and Arvind Virmani for the Hindustan Times.

Some political pundits have expressed concern about China’s build-up on the Tibetan plateau, its plans to build numerous dams on the Brahmaputra and takeover of the management of Gwadar, a commercial port in Pakistan. China’s growing defence expenditures ($119 billion in 2013) — three times that of India’s $40 billion (2013-14) — have allowed it to extend its naval presence into the Indian Ocean, making it imperative for us to use our limited resources more efficiently.

Military and political strategy are generally intertwined, and sometimes buried inside a commercial one. The world respects power. India’s growth acceleration in the 1980s and 1990s created the conditions for a greater role in global politics, but it was Pokhran II that catapulted India onto the world stage. China’s military might, focused mission and astute diplomacy have been successful in resolving many border issues and fostering strategic economic relations with its immediate neighbours.

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3 thoughts on “India needs to re-examine relationship with neighbours: Hindustan Times”

  1. India thought that by showing their muscles , both Maldives and Sri Lanka will bow thier heads and will like the Indian ass.

    If India really want to play a bigger role globally, they need to learn to respect the small countries like Maldives and Sri Lanka too.

    Indian need to learn to live with the people rather than throning the countries.

    Today world is connected and international community is well aware of what is going around the world and this is not the stone age where the people with then muscles will win every thing.

  2. How can they respect such places when there are moronic lunatics like you in it?

  3. Folklore stories say that in the world there are a people known as the "Yaujooj maujoojs", who have a liking to consume the world!

    These people, because of their cannibalistic nature are kept at bay by a bronze wall!

    It is said that these people keep on licking the bronze wall throughout day and night!

    It is also said that because of this constant licking, the wall keeps on becoming thinner and thinner!

    However, at the call for the Fajr Prayer each day, the wall returns to its normal size and yet these people keep on licking to fulfill their hunger for consuming the world!

    If by coincidence, these people happens to be "the Chinese", we see today!

    Lord have mercy on us!

    Also if China is spending this much on power over water, it surely can be alarming!

    The world as I would believe, has fought several wars, and many of these are over some mineral wealth, including water!

    No one needs to advice India on this because India has fought several wars, over water; and I believe even today, in several states, there is unfinished business of water!


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