Indian national caught with drug-filled suitcase

Indian national Lata Kumari Govindaran, 46, has been arrested for possession of 1.05 kg of cannabis.

Govindaran arrived in the Maldives last Wednesday with the drug hidden in her suitcase’s double bottom, reports Haveeru. She had also visited the Maldives last Ramadan.

Customs told Haveeru that Govindaran had been arrested on suspicion of drug possession during a security check and screening upon arriving in the country.

Govindaran traveled alone and no one else has been arrested.


5 thoughts on “Indian national caught with drug-filled suitcase”

  1. Our government is too weak to punish him. Indian government would retaliate against a lot of Maldivians!

  2. Indians are supplying to the overwhelming demand, people who use are bastards, the third party are bastards, up the supply chain the Indians are bastards. Further up those Afghans who cultivate the poppy crops are bastards. The incapable and the corrupt government officials are bastards.

  3. Hi guys.

    Indian are always helping you when your having problem.

    Now your having short supply of drugs they are exporting and distributing to your country, that good nothing wrong.


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