International conspiracy against climate change action: Frontline

Despite scientific evidence and dire warnings, developed countries are destroying the current controls on global warming, reports Indian magazine Frontline.

‘The “pledge and review” scheme was the handiwork of the U.S., which was against accepting any legally binding commitment on emission reductions,’ writes Frontline’s R. Ramachandran. ‘Acting behind the scenes since mid-2009 and with active help from other developed countries which did not want to commit to a second commitment period such as Australia, Canada, Japan and Russia, the U.S. succeeded in having the scheme formalised as a “political agreement” at Copenhagen.’

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One thought on “International conspiracy against climate change action: Frontline”

  1. Climate change? Really? Please tell me that people don't still believe this garbage. Wake up America, there is no climate change - its a lie. Just like everything else our f'd up government shoves down our throat. Its all lies.


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