IS enforces death penalty against Maldivian recruit

The militant organisation Islamic State has enforced the death penalty against a Maldivian recruit in Iraq.

Haveeru reported today that the Maldivian was thrown off the top of a tall building last month.

He was sentenced to death by an IS court, the newspaper reported, but the alleged offence is unclear.

The Maldivian had traveled to IS-held territories in Syria in late 2014 and had gone to Iraq last month following a military offensive by the Iraqi army to recapture Tikrit.

A number of Maldivians jihadis who traveled to fight in the Syrian civil war have been reported dead. Commissioner of Police Hussein Waheed in early January estimated over 50 Maldivians could be fighting in foreign wars.

Most Maldivian jihadis are believed to have joined the al-Qaeda-affiliated Jabhat Al Nusra front in Syria.


4 thoughts on “IS enforces death penalty against Maldivian recruit”

  1. That's what you get for being stupid enough to go there.

  2. I actually feel sorry for the Islamic State zealots in Iraq. The last thing they need is a bunch of short, fat, low IQ 'soldiers of islam' from some godforsaken atoll in the middle of nowhere turning up uninvited for jihad. Deepest commiserations guys.
    Have Maldivians considered joining the Religious Police in Saudi Arabia? Most of them seem to be overweight, physically unattractive and dimwitted. You guys would be perfect for the job.

  3. MissIndia, The last time i checked it was an Indian who came back from Iraq because IS wouldn't let him fight, but instead they used him as a janitor. This is what they do to people who turn up uninvited for Jihad as you say.

    As for unattractiveness well i don't have much to say to you considering the fact that you are an Indian. All i can say is take a good look around you.

  4. Mr Maldives, I take it you are not blessed with good looks or intelligence like the vast majority of your countrymen. It seems Allah created you islanders on one of his off days.
    As far as physical beauty goes, the Indian film industry has has no less than four Miss World title holders and at least two Miss Universe title holders among the current crop of movie stars. This is unprecedented in any film industry and speaks volumes for the beauty of Indian women. Last year's Miss America title holder Nina Davuluri is also an Indian American. Google her name and check it out. I am also very pleased with my own reflection in the mirror.
    The Indian government is now locking up any young men returning from 'jihad' which has no relevance to the vast majority of its multifaith people. We also lock up morons from dysfunctional and politically unstable neighbouring countries ( hint, hint ) who try to transit through India.
    The Indian immigration authorities are also on the lookout for short, fat, barely literate Maldivian fishermen who come to India in search of wives from poor Muslim families.
    Have you guys got the recruitment forms for the Mutawwa from the Saudi mission ?


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