Islamic Foundation holding lecture on “status of women”

The Islamic Foundation of the Maldives (IFM) is organising a public lecture on April 1, 2011 (Friday) “to explain the noble status of women in Islam.”

The lecture will be delivered by Al-Usthaz Ahmed Nizam at the Nalahiya Hotel in Malé, and will be broadcast live on Capital Radio (93.6 FM) at 8.45pm.

The Islamic Foundation stated that in the lecture Usthaz Nizam will clarify “the rights and privileges given to women in Islam long before western democracy came into being.”

In the lecture Usthaz Nizam “will also explain the obligations of Muslim women towards their family and the society in general.”

Usthaz Nizam is a prominent lecturer who completed his higher studies at Al-Azhar University, Egypt, the Islamic Foundation said.


3 thoughts on “Islamic Foundation holding lecture on “status of women””

  1. This could be interesting.

    I wonder if he'll explain to us ignorant westerners why it's considered acceptable for men to be seen enjoying the sun and sea in their swimming shorts whilst it is considered pious for women to clad themselves from head to foot in black material - some without even their eyes visible, as I recently witnessed on Hulhumale Beach.

    I believe that such is the level of intolerance on this matter that the police were called to deal with women wearing bikinis on that very beach recently.

    When I see The Islamic Foundation advocating true equality of the sexes (either women wearing bikini without condemnation, or men showing their piousness by covering every inch of themselves in black)then maybe I'll be interested in listening to Usthaz Nizam's defence of the indefensible.

    I think the very wording 'the rights and privileges given to women in Islam' speaks volumes. In my dictionary 'right' is defined as fair treatment, truth, equity, justice. There should be no distinction between the rights of men and women, and I believe it is arrogant of any religion to assume the right to bestow its biased interpretation of 'rights and privileges' on the rest of us.

    We live in democratic times and should reject dictators in all their forms whether they be political or religious. Both exist to exert power and control.

  2. Now this guys would say we are equal.

    And the next 'Uzthaaz' would condemn this guy and say that women's sole job is to please men in their day to day works.

    This is a whole lot of bullshit.

    And you would question how come Gods word is so misinterpreted?

    And then you think, could it really be or not?


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