Islamic minister calls for dialogue following mosque closure

Following the closure of Dharumavantha Rasgefaanu mosque earlier this month, Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed has stressed that all religious differences can be settled through dialogue.

“Those who pray separately at certain mosques, please come to us. Let’s discuss this matter. There’s nothing that can’t be solved if we sit down and share religious information,” he told local media.

The Mosque was shut down on the home minster’s order following an unauthorised congregation which had reportedly prayed for the government’s destruction. Shaheem himself has previously described the group as “extremists”.

The worshipers at the mosque also prayed against the heads of the government, the Islamic ministry, and the city council, asking for their ill-health and for a calamity to befall upon them

“Some media have reported that the mosque might be demolished, or people might be arrested while they are praying at the mosque. The present government, the government of President Yameen Abdul Gayoom, would not do anything against Islamic principles. They would not demolish the mosque, or inflict injury on anyone unjustly,” Sun Online quoted the minister as saying today.

Sun also reported that the congregation has continued to assemble at the mosque despite the government’s actions. Current legislation places all mosques under the authority of local councils.


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  1. We remember what your masters did to our brothers and sisters in Himandhoo after they asked for dialogue.

    Shaheem, you slave-dog of the zionists and the devil arabs, you have sold Islam for a paltry sum of money. You won't remember what your government did to honest muslim imams.

    We remember. And we hate you for your treachery. Mark our words; wherever you go, we will put a jihad upon your gang members. Your effigies will be torn down, your words mocked.

    Anyone who supports you is a ZIONIST.


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