Islamic Ministry calls for lowering age of prosecution for minors to 10 years-old

The Islamic Ministry’s Fiqh Academy has requested parliament lower the age of prosecution for minors stipulated in the the Penal Code bill from 14 to 10 years-old, reports local media.

MP Ahmed Hamza, chairperson of the parliamentary committee reviewing the Penal Code Bill,
has said that international conventions state the age of prosecution for minors is 15 years-old.

“The age for a minor to be advised to mend his ways for forgoing compulsory deeds is 10 years-old,” according to the Fiqh Academy. Their commentary submitted to the parliamentary committee also claims that minors who commit offenses in the Maldives are 11 years-old or above.

Hamza claims that the Prosecutor General (PG) supports keeping the age of prosecution at 14 years-old, as stipulated in the current penal code bill draft.

“We will decide on setting an age after reflecting on the [international] conventions Maldives is party to, amongst other things. They are saying that the age given in the current penal code already poses some constraints,” said Hamza.

“The PG in favour of it being kept as it is, as in the current penal code, at 14 years. The Foreign Ministry has no objection to this either. But the Islamic Ministry is asking that it be lowered to 10,” he added.

The age for prosecuting minors is one of two penal code issues currently under debate. The second issue surrounds a recently added clause regarding someone convicted of a crime being sentenced according to the penal code stipulations, according to Hamza.


5 thoughts on “Islamic Ministry calls for lowering age of prosecution for minors to 10 years-old”

  1. The Fiqh Academy is a bunch of terrorist mullahs funded by petrodollars whose dream is to convert Dhivehistan into a backward medieval theocracy where they'll have full power to do as they please.

    These mullahs know nothing about international "infidel" laws and don't care about proper retribution, rehabilitation or reform. Vengeance is the justification for punishment in their Bronze Age laws. A criminals physical maturity (baligh), mental competence (aql) and intention (niyah) are some of the factors which make it difficult to set such a low limit for criminal responsiblity. Ten years is just a random figue these madrassa educated pedophiles took out from nowhere. If this terrorist Fiqh Academy is not disbanded, we'll soon have stonings, amputations, crucifixions and beheadings in this country. Then when they kill off any democratic opposition in their kangaroo courts and turn the country into a theocracy, full Arabization will be complete.

  2. Correction!
    Age or responsibility, not age of prosecution. If a ten year old tot stole sweets from the corner shop, his parents would have to pay. Please don't get people overworked with misinformation.

  3. Can we not chop off the wee one's hands for stealing sweets while we're at it for good, and wholesome measure?

  4. @'human being', that's some nice misinformation you got there; as a real human being is responsible for what they do from creation onwards.

    Since you seem so desperate to whitewash this matter, I'll have to assume you're an agent of the foreign imperialist powers who want to see children raped, punished and killed for crimes they did not commit.

    You don't deserve to be called a human being, by the way. Out of respect to the real humans, could you please change your name to 'arab-wannabe imperialist oppressor and sicko who gets off to watching innocent kids get punished'?

  5. @homosexual did you not know that stonings, amputations, and beheadings are punishments in Islam?
    It is supposed to be here in the courts. It SHOULD be already in the courts.


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