Island Aviation Service MD sacked

Island Aviation Services (IAS) today sacked its Managing Director Bandhu Ibrahim Saleem, allegedly by text message.

According to Haveeru, however, Saleem will remain at the company’s board.

IAS Commercial Director Ahmed Zuhair has been assigned as the acting head of the company, Haveeru reports.

IAS this year was scheduled to receive Kaadehdhoo airport in Gaaf Dhaal Atoll for development. However the hand-over was not carried out.

IAS offices and the ministries of Finance and Economic Development had not responded to phone calls at time of press.


One thought on “Island Aviation Service MD sacked”

  1. This is typical of the current government. This is to ensure that no one can be held accountable.

    This guy signed the GMR contract. It is going to backfire horribly, but by then, no one can locate who was responsible of the case. The new ones will claim, it was done prior to his era!!!

    well done. True politics, shining through!


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