‘Islands of Maldives’ website launched

The Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture has launched a website compiling information on the reefs and atoll of the Maldives.

The site – www.islandsodmaldives.gov.mv – has been developed in conjunction with the International Fund for Agricultural Development & the Bay of Bengal Programme (BOBP).

The BOBP describes itself as an organisation designed to  “provide technical and management advisory services for sustainable coastal fisheries development and management in the Bay of Bengal region.”

Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture Ali Solih told local media that the site would provide complete logistical information for all islands, and would be updated with more information very soon.


2 thoughts on “‘Islands of Maldives’ website launched”

  1. Now when the islands get submerged in a few years we'll have something to remember them by.

  2. this website would have been great 10 years ago...but today?? are these kind of websites retro in?


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