Jalapeno Restaurant closed down after police raid

Police on Thursday night temporarily closed down the Jalapeno Restaurant in Male’ after arresting a number of people caught using alcohol in the premises.

According to Sun Online, police raided the restaurant located at the artificial beach area at 11.45pm and checked the premises in the presence of journalists.

Police reportedly discovered a number of alcohol bottles under the tables on the second floor of the restaurant in addition to packets containing hashish oil and heroin.

The liquor bottles and “suspected” illicit narcotics were displayed to media.

Sun Online reported that those arrested included a waiter and supervisor from the restaurant.

Moreover, an anonymous member of the public told the online news outlet that “young people of both sexes” used the separate open-air section of the restaurant to consume alcohol and drugs.

A police media official informed journalists at the scene that the raid was part of the ongoing special operation to curb crime in the capital.

Police did not reveal the number of people arrested in the raid. Newspaper Haveeru reported that over 20 people were arrested inside the restaurant. Police however told the newspaper that people inside the restaurant at the time were taken in for questioning.