JP Leader Gasim Ibrahim acquires Miadhu News

Resort tycoon, Jumhoree Party (JP) Leader and MP, Judicial Services Commission (JSC) member and owner of VTV Gasim Ibrahim has acquired the assets of Miadhu News, the Maldives’ second oldest newspaper.

Sun Online reported that Gasim bought the paper for MVR 500,000 (US$32,500), and that staff were transferred to the payroll of Gasim’s Villa media group.

Minivan News understands that newspaper Haveeru – the country’s most widely circulated newspaper – is also up for sale.


4 thoughts on “JP Leader Gasim Ibrahim acquires Miadhu News”

  1. The Resort tycoon, timber trading tycoon and one of the wealthiest family in the Maldives, Fili Nasheed is planning to buy Haveery News and talks are going on.

    But Zahir Hussain is demanding over a 2 million dollars and that is why Fili Nasheed had not yet closed the deal.

  2. Baqee Qasim, is buying the whole media of the Maldives, so he can spread his selfish greed.


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