Jumhoree Party requests Supreme Court cancel second round of polls on Sunday

The Jumhooree Party’s Youth Wing Leader Moosa Anwar has submitted a letter to the Supreme Court, requesting that the second round of elections scheduled for Sunday be annulled.

Anwar said in his letter that if the second round of the Presidential election is scheduled for the next day itself, candidates are “being stripped of some electoral rights”, according to local media.

Among the “electoral rights” that he claimed may be lost, he pointed out that since there is a such a short window of time, candidates may not be able to campaign for the second round.

He further said that this may make it difficult for “whichever candidate who finishes third place to endorse the runner-up who makes it into the second round”.

Anwar also alleged that “many people have been deprived of their right to vote in the second round as the Elections Commission gave only a duration of three hours in which to re-register for it.

Earlier today, the Supreme Court has ruled that their verdict on annulling the September 7 election remains in effect, and hence the current President and his government will remain in power if a new government is not elected by November 11.

The September 7 election was annulled – despite local and international observers commending it as free and fair – in relation to a case submitted by the JP alleging that there were irregularities and fraudulence involved in the vote.


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