Local NGO launches child abuse prevention website

Maldivian NGO Advocating the Rights of Children (ARC) launched the website for HOPE Campaign against Child Abuse and announced its partnership with telecommunications company Dhiraagu for an upcoming fundraising road race event on May 7.

The website will provide “easy access” to information in four key HOPE Campaign areas in both Dhivehi and English. The campaign is focused on helping children ‘heal’, the importance of ‘outreach’, ways to ‘prevent’ abuse, and how to ‘empower’ children against abuse.

To support the NGO’s advocacy and awareness efforts, ARC will hold a “run to make a difference road race” in partnership with Dhiraagu, with 100 percent of the proceeds used for child protection programs.


One thought on “Local NGO launches child abuse prevention website”

  1. Another Zionist group trying to infiltrate the 100% pure Dhivehistan? It is part of Dhivehistani religious and social norms to sexually abuse children, cut off boys' foreskins, beat them when they don't pray and marry girls off at puberty. Speaking against such holy injunctions would make you laadheenee Christian who is liable to be lynched on the spot. I won't be surprised if the local mullahs plan a bomb attack at this fund raising event.


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