MACL launches new air traffic control system

The Maldives Airport Company Ltd (MACL) today launched it Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast – ADS-B – system, at a function at Trader’s hotel in Malé.

The new air traffic control technology will replace radar surveillance – introduced in 2010 –  at a fraction of the cost of providing full radar coverage at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport  (INIA). MACL has invested over MVR6million to integrate the system into the current Malé Area Control Centre.

Four ground stations have been installed – two at INIA, one in Kulhuduffushi, and one in Fuvahulah.

“With duplicated ground stations deployed across Maldives, it can give ATC surveillance capability over 98% of Flight Information Region above FL300 (30,000 feet) and surveillance over the entire domestic sector,” read an MACL press release.