“Maizan” Ali Manik elected Male’ City Mayor

Members of the Male’ City Council elected Hulhu-Henveiru Councillor “Maizan” Ali Manik (Alibe) to the vacant post of mayor today with ten votes from the 11-member council.

Former head of the Male’ municipality “Sarangu” Adam Manik had resigned as the first mayor of Male’ earlier this month, following a no-confidence motion instigated by fellow councillors from the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

The Male’ City Council has nine MDP councillors and two opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) councillors.

Following his election today, Alibe told Sun Online that the council would restart stalled projects in the capital.

The new mayor said that his first priority would be implementing the government’s flagship “Veshi Fahi” Male’ decongestion programme.

Alibe revealed that former Mayor Adam Manik had assured him of full cooperation as the new chair of the city council.


2 thoughts on ““Maizan” Ali Manik elected Male’ City Mayor”

  1. In the democratic nations of the world, Mayors of the city's are elected by the voting of the people who are registered and living in those cities. But in Maldives, Mayor's are elected by the so called council or by the president. Now how democratic is this????

  2. My question is: can this man keep Male’ city or village clean. We find rubbish on payments and on roads. There are some streets which smell of dung and of urine and stale different body order and of extremely dirty cloths.


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