Majlis approves new ambassador to China and public representative to JSC

The People’s Majlis today approved Dr Faisal Saeed as the new ambassador to China with 70 votes in favour and four abstentions.

Abdul Hannan Ahmed was meanwhile approved as the public representative on the 10-member Judicial Service Commission with 44 votes in favour and 18 against. Hannan is reportedly a lawyer for the ruling Progressive Party of Maldives.

The five-year term of current public member Shuaib Abdul Rahman is due to expire at the end of August.

Also at today’s sitting, amendments submitted on behalf of the government to the Anti-Corruption Act were accepted with unanimous consent of 72 MPs and sent to committee for further review.

The revisions to the law enacted in 2000 was part of a raft of bills proposed by the government to bring outdated laws in line with the new constitution adopted in August 2008.