Majlis passes amendment to Territorial Waters Act

The People’s Majlis yesterday passed an amendment to the Territorial Waters Act of 1996 following review by the national security committee with unanimous consent of 80 MPs.

The amendment (Dhivehi) was proposed on behalf of the government by Progressive Party of Maldives MP Ali Shah and sent to committee for further review on July 2.

The amendment state that a two-third majority of parliament would be required to make changes to the territorial waters of the Maldives.

The legislation was among a raft of amendments submitted by the government to bring outdated laws in line with the new constitution adopted in August 2008.

An amendment proposed to the Disability Act by Adhaalath Party MP Anara Naeem to raise the monthly allowance provided to persons with special needs was meanwhile accepted at yesterday’s sitting of parliament.

All 81 MPs in attendance voted unanimously to accept the bill, after which it was sent to the social affairs committee for further review.

Government-sponsored legislation on repealing a law governing government acquisition of private property with legal compensation was also accepted for review at yesterday’s sitting.

The bill was accepted with 79 votes in favour, one against, and one abstention, and sent to the independent institutions oversight committee for review.