Maldives’ criminal justice system no longer delivers justice, says MDP

The opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has said the criminal justice system in the Maldives has stopped delivering justice, expressing concern over the “awe-inspiring things” that are happening to cases involving Supreme Court Judge Ali Hameed

In a statement issued today, the party said that investigators and the court are acting in a bizarre way when dealing with the accusations concerning Judge Hameed being blackmailed, and engaging in sexual misconduct with prostitutes.

The MDP highlighted the fact that the police have suspended investigations in to Hameed’s sexual misconduct, his potential blackmail and his suspected sex videos, and that Judicial Service Commission had stopped pursuing all cases against the judge.

It was also noted that the criminal corruption case against him is on hold after a coffee spill over the case documents.

The statement said that these incidents of failing to investigate or prosecute Judge Hameed were a clear indication of the status of the Maldives’ criminal justice system.

“Such a judge sitting on the supreme court bench is not recognised by any judicial or legal system in the world. And surely it is the general public who are facing injustice because of this,” MDP has said.

Images and symbols depicting scenes from the sex-tape formed a prominent part of protests against the court’s repeated interference in the presidential election of 2013, serving to further undermine the court’s public credibility.

In the statement the party accused the President Abdulla Yameen’s government of desiring to keep a “blackmailed judge” on the Supreme Court bench as a tool to legitimise coup d’etats, unlawful activity carried out by the government and to cancel legitimate elections.


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  1. Damn right.

    Maldives health system no longer delivers ....
    Transport system failed...taxis...
    Religious ministry failed... The rain taps have been turned off...

    Tell me, which one is working as per the terms of reference? Oh I forgot, there is none!


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