Maldives expects flooding due to storm surges

The Maldives Meteorological Service (MET) has warned that high storm surges due to current poor weather conditions could cause flooding nationwide, reports local media.

Flooding due to storm surges during high tides, as well as heavy rain accompanied by strong wind and thunder, can be expected throughout the atolls, said a MET weather forecaster, according to local media.

“Flooding has not yet been reported from any region, but it can be expected in this bad weather,” he said.

The northern and central atolls can expect the worst weather, however heavy rain, thunder and rough seas will likely be experienced in all regions.


One thought on “Maldives expects flooding due to storm surges”

  1. One doesn't have to consult a Meteorological Dpt to predict this sort of weather. Any mullah can tell you that extreme climatic conditions are due to sinful behavior like women not wearing body bags, men engaging in sodomy and some Dhivehistanis ridiculing the holy mullahs. The solution obviously is Islam. A proper religious police force is what is needed. Not a Meteorological Department.


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