Maldives falls to fifth in Seven Wonders listing

The Maldives has fallen from third to fifth place on the New Seven Wonders of Nature listing.

Haveeru reported Director of the Maldives Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB) Mohamed Adam as saying that the board was preparing new activities to generate more votes for the Maldives.

“We will participate in several fairs in order to get more votes to the Maldives,” Haveeru reported Adam as saying.

At current pace the MTPD predicts Maldives with finish seventh on the list when voting ends in November 2011.

Only 10 percent of the votes for a seven wonder coming from inside its country are considered – 90 percent must originate from outside the country containing the wonder.

People wishing to vote for the Maldives can do so by calling +44 203 347 0901 (international call) and entering 7718 after the automated message. Votes can also be lodged here.


One thought on “Maldives falls to fifth in Seven Wonders listing”

  1. A world wonder where its owners do not get to enjoy the wonderfulness.... A country enjoyed by a few politicians and elite families and newly hardcore religious fanatics. The rest are taken for a ride. The award will help a slogan for Maldives like "value for money". "Blonds and Blue" "Heat and Beat" "Beaches and Babes" 🙂


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