Maldives government to go to Supreme Court to break political deadlock: Zuhair

The Maldives government is preparing evidence to file a case in the Supreme Court over the Majlis attempt to “grab powers invested with the executive”, according to the President’s Office press secretary Mohamed Zuhair in a statement to the Asian Tribune.

The government is also attempting to hold talks with opposition parties to encourage co-operation between the Majlis and the executive branch of government, said Zuhair.

Opposition DRP official Dunya Maumoon confirmed there have been “indications” of approaches for talks, and she criticised the government for attempting to govern without cabinet ministers.

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5 thoughts on “Maldives government to go to Supreme Court to break political deadlock: Zuhair”

  1. When Did Dunya Maumoon became an MP?

    Yes, our error, Dunya is a DRP official, the News in Brief has been corrected


  2. Mr PS when you have a minority Govt the most democratic way is dialogue. Not confrontation. Ever since your government was elected all you have been doing is confrontation & rebelliouse move against the opporsition. It might be too late for dialogue at least for the time being. I dont feel opporsition is in any mood for dialogue right now. Your Govt is in deadlock. This is a failed system and will take more than just dialogue.

  3. Yes Radhun Shareef is right. Your government a clan of gansters from the street corners, were governing anger and vengence. Mr. Anni (cos its not worth calling him president) should now resign and go go go.

    Who is a present and his team in this darn age that will smoke tobacco in his office? except a unrully little hooligan from the wet street corners ? Mr. PS you were one of them that was smoking pot. I know that.... Did you think for a moment that you can rule a country, POT and ganja smoking a for laid off people. Leader dont pot.

  4. Maybe the MDP can go to Court and win this case. But more important point here is that it does not change the number of opposition members in the parliament. Therefor, still they have the control over the parliament.
    For international readers, let me tell you all this very clearly. The problem here is not about any law or regulation that have been made. Rather this is just a very co-ordinated stunt master-minded by our president. Aim of this stunt is to win the upcomming Local Council Elections. This is very simple and crystal clear. Also for you information, i am not a member of any of political parties.

  5. Anni is most intelligent person ever came in Maldivian politics. I think his move to abolish all unnecessary ministries is a good step to make a difference. To manage a population of 350,000 there is no need of these ministries and it is high time not bring back ministers any more. Anni can manage the country without these people it so simple. A police force, a court and Inland Revenue department and a branch of HSBC is enough. And privatize rest of business affairs.


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