Maldives, India and Sri Lanka conduct joint naval exercises

The Maldives, India, and Sri Lanka are to hold joint naval exercises over the next five days, according to the official website of the Sri Lankan Navy. The exercises, labelled “DOSTI – XI”, will be carried out in Maldivian waters.

The operations are being caried out with the aim of “strengthening bonds of friendship and enhancing mutual operational capability and cooperation. The exercise will focus on Maritime Search and Rescue, Marine Pollution Response and Boarding Operations,” the website says.

“Due to its geo-strategic significance, it is important for the Coast Guards of the three friendly countries to ensure the safety and security of the Indian Ocean for all sea-farers. The mutually beneficial exercise, therefore, will pay the way for launching coordinated efforts in times of crisis,” the site continues.

Maldives’ Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim visited India at the start of this month to discuss opportunities for greater military cooperation between the two South Asian nations.


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  1. These naval exercises are being done by the Indian Navy to check out the recently installed surveillance radar systems. Systems working....? Check.


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