Maldives – Moving Towards Despotism: South Asia Analysis Group

“The signs are getting stronger- Maldives appears to be moving towards despotism.  The latest in the series is the sudden and hurried sacking of the Defence Minister after a raid of his premises by the Police,” writes Dr S.Chandrasekharan for South Asia Analysis Group.

“What should be worrying is not of President Yameen consolidating his position but the sinister way by which he is going about it by disregarding all constitutional norms.

Transparency Maldives in one of the reports (3rd August of last year) referred to the “stagnation in democratic consolidation and a reversal in democratic gains.”  It also pointed out the lack of outcry in the instances where the powers of key democratic institutions have been undermined.

Since then, Maldives has been going further downhill in the democratic process. But the lack of outcry may not continue indefinitely and at some stage or other there could be a backlash that would have an adverse impact on the law and order situation in the whole country.”

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