Maldives police to take part in Chinese seminar

Twenty Maldivian police officers will attend a seminar alongside Chinese counterparts later this month in Shanghai, local media has revealed.

The China-Maldives Police Service Seminar will be held between April 10-23, reported Sun Online who have quoted Commissioner Hussain Waheed as expressing hope that the seminar would bring the standards of the Maldivian participants up to those of Chinese officers.

Speaking at an official inauguration ceremony last night, Chinese Ambassador to Maldives Wang Fukang hoped the seminar could further strengthen Maldives-Chinese relations while thanking local police officers for keeping Chinese tourists safe.

China now contributes more tourist arrivals to the Maldives than any other country, with recent government figures showing that 331,719 Chinese tourists visited the Maldives last year, accounting for 29.5 percent of all tourist arrivals in 2013.


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  1. Like torture and execution methods? Or how to knock down peaceful protests?


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