Maldives to celebrate Independence Day

The Maldives celebrates the 46th anniversary of the country’s independence from Britain tomorrow, July 26.

At 6:30am a special flag hoisting ceremony at the Republic Square is scheduled to start the events of the day.

At 10:00am a special ceremony is to be held Dharubaaruge where the President will award National Exemplary Service Medals and National Service Medals in recognition of recipients who made important contributions to the state and the people of the Maldives.

The President has decided to award the National Exemplary Service Medal to eight individuals and the National Service Medal to six people, according to the President’s Office.


3 thoughts on “Maldives to celebrate Independence Day”

  1. Mr President my advice for you would be please dont drink on 25th July evening. Otherwise you will be in a hang over and wouldn't be able to raise the flag early morning next day 🙂

  2. ahahaha Ibrahm nasir I like that, you forgot to mentoned to smoke. 🙂
    Well dont worry, he knows alway what to say, he has very good back ground halpers. Question: Independence of what? as I received the cultor info Maldives never been under any country - oo Portugal this was not as england and india, but happy free day!


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