Maldives would welcome Chinese resort investment, says Ambassador Latheef

The Maldives welcomes Chinese investment in the country’s resort industry, Maldives Ambassador to China Ahmed Latheef has told the Chinese newspaper Global Times.

Chinese visitors have eclipsed European arrivals as the country’s major tourism market this year, according to figures from the Maldives Tourism Ministry.

Latheef told the Global Times he welcomed investment from China in resorts to boost the development of local tourism, explaining that “the difficulty we have at the moment is that we do not have enough hotels or beds to cater to the growing market in China.”

“The Maldives and China have enjoyed excellent bilateral relations, and there are many areas that can be developed through Chinese involvement and engagement in the Maldives,” Latheef said. “We would welcome initiatives from Chinese investors in the development of tourist resorts.”


2 thoughts on “Maldives would welcome Chinese resort investment, says Ambassador Latheef”

  1. The first Chinese business collaboration since Latheef became ambassador to China is the investment of the Chinese airlines with his relatives (and daughter?)..Mizna and Mifzal. May hay while the sun shines!!!

    This whole country is run by Maria's family - sister married to Ambassador, Brother in law Hassanko is Minister of Youth, In UK is Farhanaz - sister in law married to Maria's brother. In President office is sis in law this and in Agriculture is Sis in law that and ........

    Talk about Maumoon running the country with his family...Anni sleekly dodged from employing his family but trusted his closest cronies to bring their relatives in

  2. That's bull.... Ambassador Latheef is one of the most senior career diplomats in the Maldives at present and he was appointed as Ambassador to China, firstly by former President Gayoom and more recently by President Nasheed. He has worked in the Foreign Ministry since 1981. Therefore his appointment was strictly by merit and not becuase he is married to Maria's sister. It is true that he is married to Maria's sister, but that is not relevant in this context.

    The business venture that his children are involved is not a Chinese investment. You need to get the facts right from the Ministry of Economic Development.


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