Maldivian Air drops three flights from weekly schedule

Maldivian flights to Fuvahmulah have been reduced to four days a week due to a decrease in demand for passage to the single-island atoll.

Maldivian previously operated daily flights due to an increased demand during the holiday season of October through December.

The new airline officially began operating scheduled flights to Fuvah Mulah’s newly opened airport in November 2011.

Flights are now scheduled for Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, Haveeru reports. Additional flights may be added according to passenger demand.


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  1. Good. Stop altogether.

    Flights were never condoned in Quran. They were never there in Arabia in the 7th Century.

    Why should we use the creation of JEws and Christians who do not believe in Allah?

    May Allah bless Maldivians. And Maldivians only.


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