Maldivian bone-marrow transplant patient recovering in Italy

The first Maldivian Thalassaemia patient to be treated under and agreement between Italy and the Maldives is recovering following a bone-marrow transplant operation.

Haveeru reported that a second patient has now arrived in Italy and is awaiting treatment. The risky procedure is one of the only potential cures for Thalassaemia, a genetic blood disorder common in the Maldivan population.

Italy, which is a world leader in the procedure, has agreed to treat 10 Maldivian patients.

Under the agreement made between the governments of Maldives and Italy on January 23, bone marrow transplants of 10 patients are to be conducted in Italy.


One thought on “Maldivian bone-marrow transplant patient recovering in Italy”

  1. Dear Sirs

    This is excellent news and I'm sure, if this treatment is successful, it will bring a new lease of life to these ten patients and their families.

    I just can't help thinking that with the billions being spent globally on weapons, we could help many more than these ten fortunate people. It is such a shame that mankind chooses to spend its resources on the deaths of thousands of innocents in some parts of the world, whilst in other parts, the life or death of innocents is decided in a lottery because there are insufficient resources to treat all.


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