Maldivians in Ukraine taken to safety with Indian assistance

Eighteen Maldivians living in Luhansk, Ukraine were today transported to Kiev following escalated violence in the region, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said.

According to the ministry the transportation was carried out with assistance from the Indian government.

“Following the violence in Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs is closely monitoring the situation of Maldivians living there with a special attention to their safety, ” read a statement.

Speaking to ‘Haveeru‘ today, the Indian High Commissioner to the Maldives, Rajeev Shahare said that it was proof that “India is always prepared at every instance Maldives seek assistance”.

He told Haveeru that Indian Embassy in Ukraine has arranged accommodation for Maldivians and that if further assistance is required India will provide that as well.


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  1. Hindu extremist BJP govt is now going all the way to help Maldives. Why? They want to get rid of our Islam. You idiots.

  2. @Hee Hee Halaak

    Despite all the bravado of the ithihaad and their 'mujahideen', they have to bow to the hindhus. That, my friend, is irony.


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