Maldivians warned of influenza threat in India

Maldivians travelling to India have been warned by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) about the spread of influenza in the north of the country.

HPA’s Epidemiologist Dr Aishath Aruna told Sun Online that the virus had been misreported in local media as swine flu. Instead, influenza H1N1 is not swine flu and is less dangerous.

So far 450 people have been affected by influenza in Rajasthan in northern India, of which 94 people have died from the virus.

Local media reported that most of the deaths have been pregnant women and that the chances of the virus spreading to other parts of the country are high.

Dr Aruna told local media that influenza H1N1 virus had been observed in the Maldives since 2010, and that the virus prolongs and intensifies the symptoms of common colds.

Maldivians visiting India are advised to avoid crowds, wash hands with soap frequently – especially after coughing or sneezing – and make sure to receive vaccinations should your doctor advise you to.


3 thoughts on “Maldivians warned of influenza threat in India”

  1. There is also a unique fluenza called Unjustinfluenza, which is on going a little down south in the ocean of South India!
    The world should think and focus a little on this spot and the Unjustinfluenza there!
    People visiting this part should avoid possible pepper spray, salt water cannon spray baths, baton charges and even a little skull smashing!
    The virus is thought to be a new dictatorial brand virus that should be called MAG30WHM1!
    Nealy 450,000 plus people are thought to be affected by this!
    But a relatively less percentage of them are making good profit out of this calamity!

    Maldivians please note there is influenza, bird flu, dengue fever, ebola, bilharzia, yellow fever, dysentry, cerebral malaria, aids, syphillis and gonorrhea in to protect yourself PLEASE DON'T COME TO MY COUNTRY OK?
    If you stay on your fetid atolls, we will also not catch anything nasty off of you its a win win situation.

  3. @Patriot Am in North India & it's scarier than "south in the ocean of South India". Looks like you are attacking thewrong country.


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