Malé City begins storm drain cleanup

The Malé City Council in conjunction with the Ministry of Environment and Energy has started a week-long programme – “Open Streets, Clean Malé – to cleanup the city’s storm drains.

The majority of curbside drains are blocked in Malé and the city faces severe flooding during stormy weather.

Work has already commenced on Ameenee Magu and Buruzu Magu in south Malé.

Malé City Mayor ‘Maizan’ Ali Manik said maintaining Malé city’s sewer system has been difficult due to budgetary constraints and because the storm drains are old and damaged.

Speaking to the press, Minister of Environment and Energy Thoriq Ibrahim said the clean up programme is not a sustainable solution and highlighted the need for a longer-term solution.


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  1. Maybe an anti-litter/ public bin option would be a good long term plan. A study tour to Singapore might be a way to progress, but wasn't former President just there, sure he could report back for free.


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