Malé City Council to introduce 200 dustbins

Malé City Council is to install 200 dustbins in the capital city under new regulations on waste management.

The bins are to be placed in parks, near government offices, and on main streets. The first 50 dustbins – donated from Taiwan – will be installed tomorrow in 18 districts including Republic Square, the Social Center, Friday Mosque, Nalahiya Hotel, and Fishermen’s Park

“We will place red and green dustbins. Place recyclable materials in the red bins and all other rubbish in the green bins,” deputy mayor Ibrahim Shujau said.

“We hope the public uses these dustbins appropriately. Household waste including kitchen waste should not be dumped into these,” he added.

Business Image Group (BIG) was awarded a contract to oversee the dustbins in exchange for concessions to install billboards in certain districts in Malé.

The waste management regulation came into force on February 5 and imposes an MVR100 (US$6.5) for littering and a fine between MVR10,000 (US$ 648.5) – MVR100,000 (US$6,485) if any authority in charge of public spaces fails to place public dustbins.

The regulations also mandate boat owners to place dustbins on sea vessels and imposes a fine between MVR100 million (US$6.5 million) and MVR500 million (US$32.4 million) on boats that dump waste into the ocean


One thought on “Malé City Council to introduce 200 dustbins”

  1. An excellent initiative.

    But, the problem is the current youth generation is destroyed to the point, where they get pleasure by destroying anything and everything.

    It will take a long time and a lot of initiatives like these before the wheels start turning towards a better future.


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