Male’ motorcycle accident victim dies in India

A second person has died while being treated in hospital following a motorcycle in Male’ accident on October 23.

23 year-old Hassan Amir died Thursday evening while undergoing treatment in India, reported Haveeru.

Shaaheena Hassan, who was thrown from another motorcycle in the collision last week, died during treatment in Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) last Sunday October 24.

Three motorcycles and a taxi were involved in the accident last week. The rider on one motorcycle in in police custody.


One thought on “Male’ motorcycle accident victim dies in India”

  1. Howany more people have to die and suffer unnecessary injuries from these selfish morons before the goverment acts? We live on a tiny island, barely large enough for the human beings that reside here, there are simply too many vehicles. Compounded by idiotic displays from youths on high speed motorcycles with barely the talent to handle their power. Ban these machines and limit the numbers of all vehicles before another fragile and precious life is wasted.


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