Man found dead in Magoodhoo beach

A 57 year-old man was found dead yesterday on the beach of the island of Magoodhoo in Faafu Atoll.

According to police, Mohamed Hussein, Magoodhoo Leklean, was found at about 7:10am at the western side of the island and was already dead when he was taken to the island’s health centre.

Police are currently investigating the case.


One thought on “Man found dead in Magoodhoo beach”

  1. I like the investigating here in the maldives,
    they just asking arround then nimuni!

    If they would check the budy carefuly
    examination . forensic pathology and determining the cause of death).

    Spending money for training Police (outside country to Addu city ect ect. ) (goverment/people money. they would have here in the maldives , since the crime is going higher !


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