Maradhoo magistrate court declares alive voter considered deceased by Supreme Court

The magistrate court in the Maradhoo ward of Addu City has declared living a voter considered deceased by the Supreme Court in its judgment annulling the September 7 presidential election.

According to local media reports, the magistrate court made an announcement yesterday (October 30) after Mohamed Ahmed, of Muskuraanage, filed a complaint.

The Maradhoo resident was among three names provided as examples by Elections Commission (EC) Chair Fuwad Thowfeek of voters falsely deemed dead by the apex court.

Speaking to Maldives Broadcasting Corporation’s Raajje Miadhu (Maldives Today) programme this week, Thowfeek said the commission had discovered that at least four of the eighteen people deemed to be dead in the Supreme Court verdict were in fact alive.

In addition to Ahmed Mohamed, the EC had found that Ahmed Naseem from Male’, Fathmath Didi of Addu Atoll Hithadhoo Island and Khadeeja Gasim of Laamu Atoll Fonadhoo Island were alive.

“Like this, many people who are alive and had voted have been deemed by the Supreme court as votes cast by dead people, and based on that, they have annulled the election,” Fuwad said.

The EC and the Human Rights Commission have criticised the evidence used by the Supreme Court to annul the vote.