Maumoon Hameed among applicants for prosecutor general position

Four current judges have applied for the latest opening for the position of Prosecutor General (PG) according to local media.

The names reported include Criminal Court Judge Muhuthaz Muhsin, Drug Court judges Mahaz Ali Zahir and Abdul Sattar Abdul Hameed, as well as Baa Hithaadhoo Magistrate Court Judge Ummu Kulsoom Aboobakuru.

Additional applicants include the former Tourism Minister Mariyam Zulfa and state prosecutor Aishath Fazna Ahmed.

Prominent lawyer Maumoon Hameed has applied for the PG post for the second time, after being rejected by the People’s Majlis four months after he was first put forward by his uncle, President Abdulla Yameen.

The PG’s position has been vacant since former PG Ahmed Muiz resigned from the post prior to a scheduled no-confidence vote last November. The opposition MDP brought the motion after suggesting Muizz had failed to take action against security forces who mutinied on February 7, 2012.

Prior the full house’s failure to approve Hameed’s nomination, the Majlis’ oversight committee had recommended that Hameed not be approved for the position, with committee chair Rozaina Adam telling Minivan News that the nominee had failed to meet the group’s assessment criteria.

The recent resignation of the acting prosecutor general Hussain Shameem has thrown thrown the justice system into confusion, with both state prosecutors and courts unsure of the legal validity of ongoing trials.

Despite calls to reconvene the Majlis, the government has maintained that cases can continue until the 18th Majlis begins its first session later this month.