MBC requests recordings of Thunbafushi reports from Raajje TV after unspecified complaint

The Maldives Broadcasting Commission (MBC) has asked Raajje TV for recordings of bulletins it aired relating to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA)’s fining of Mohamed Champa Moosa for damage to Thun’bafushi, reports Haveeru.

The MBC said the request was made regarding an undisclosed complaint, however Haveeru reported that the complaint concerned the tarnishing of Champa’s reputation.

“The license states that the content of the recording be kept for a set amount of days. The commission requested for the recordings regarding a complaint it received, so as to the complaint is valid or not,” the MBC told Haveeru.

Raajje TV issued a statement asking the MBC to deal with other broadcasting media in similar fashion.

“we call on the Maldives Broadcasting Corporation to investigate the complaints received about all other broadcasting medias in the same manner, and take action against those media sources spreading news obviously influenced by politics,” the station said.