MBC to request staff salary increase

The Maldives Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) will propose a salary increase for all of its members to parliament this year, MBC Chairman Ibrahim Umar Manik has said.

Speaking to local media, Manik said that the request for an increase in salary had been made as MBC members were not allowed to be employed elsewhere.

“The law states that the corporation should be free of all political and financial influence and influence from affluent persons. Only then can the corporation be independent,” Manik told local media.

Manik stated that the corporation is accountable to the parliament independent institutions committee, and that a request is to be made from the committee to increase staff salary.

“We are not necessarily demanding that the salaries are the same level as independent institutions and commission member salaries,” he was reported as telling the Sun Online news service.

“We informed the Public Accounts Committee of the difficulties we face because we are not allowed to be employed elsewhere, and requested that our salaries be increased. We sent this in writing, and they did not think it was necessary to do this [increase salaries]. But we will request again.”

The current salary for MBC members, as reported in local media, stands at MVR 10,0000. However, the salary of Maldives Media Council’s Board Members is just MVR 5,000.

Last year, the salary of Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) board members was increased from MVR 10,500 to MVR 15,500 following a new salary structure passed by parliament, Sun Online revealed.


2 thoughts on “MBC to request staff salary increase”

  1. In all honesty, do you really think that this would be the best move now?

    Once you increase salaries, every single one would demand tripling their salaries. An avalanche is going to follow.

    It does not matter whether you receive peanuts now. Justification is an evasive subject with us.

    so the PMs deserve what they get? Not in my opinion. Should you get more? May be. May be guards at Villa College need their salaries quadrupled? May be.

    But the government would be beyond imbecilic, if they even contemplate accommodating this!

  2. Who are the board members, and how many more jobs/posts do they hold. But if these members are PPM members the:

    Whaeeds government needs to make more affort to make PPM members happy. If these board members are members of Gayooms PPM, then i'd suggest to increase their salary to 35,000 Rufiyaa a month plus 120,000 medical insurance and meeting allowance of 10000 Rufiyaa a month.


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