MDP announces candidates for leadership election

The opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has announced a one candidate list for its upcoming leadership election on August 29.

Former President Mohamed Nasheed is the sole candidate for party president while former MP Mohamed Shifaz is the sole candidate for vice president.

Former MP Alhan Fahmy had applied for the position, but the party’s election committee disqualified him after he ran as an independent candidate in March’s parliamentary polls after having lost the MDP primaries in the Addu Feydhoo constituency.

Former MP Ali Waheed is the sole candidate for party chairperson and Ali Niyaz is the only candidate for deputy chairperson.

Despite having no contenders, candidates need to win at least ten percent of the party vote to be elected.


One thought on “MDP announces candidates for leadership election”

  1. Vow, I guess world need to learn the democracy from Nasheed.

    Gayoom did same for 30 years. There was no one to contest him in his presidential election and then he get elected for 30 years. But Gayyoom in this respect is even better since we cast a vote at least to say " yes" or No" to him and he is required to get at least 51% of the voters in favor of him.


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