MDP candidates submit applications for the parliament

Candidates contesting the People’s Majlis election on the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) ticket have submitted their applications to the Elections Commission (EC) today.

Candidates walked with former President Mohamed Nasheed from the party’s headquarters in Henveiru Ward to the EC offices in Maafannu Ward in Malé.

According to the MDP, 84 of the 85 candidates submitted their forms today.

Nasheed said he believed the MDP would win a majority in the parliamentary elections scheduled for March 22. He also said he believed candidates who had lost in the primaries held in late January were backing the winners.

Today, the MDP retracted the party ticket from Ubaidhulla Muaz who had gained the ticket for Haa Dhaal Atoll Nolhivaram constituency by default after he “refused to cooperate” with the MDP campaign.

The MDP has opened up a call for new applicants and awarded the ticket to the sole contender Ali Arif, who had previously contested and lost the party primary for Henveiru Dhekunu constituency.

The MDP held primaries to determine candidates for 56 constituencies in late January. The party ticket was awarded to 29 candidates by default due to a lack of contestants.