MDP, PPM campaigning ahead of Monday’s by-elections

Former President Mohamed Nasheed visited Faaf Bilehdhoo yesterday (Saturday) to campaign for the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) candidate for a vacant seat in the Bilehdhoo island council, Ramzeena Afeef.

According to the former ruling party’s website, Nasheed met MDP members and supporters in the island before returning to Male’ last night.

MDP MPs Mohamed Gasam, Mohamed Shifaz and Ibrahim Rasheed are meanwhile campaigning in Meemu atoll for Ibrahim Latheef, MDP’s candidate for the Meemu Mulaku constituency atoll council seat.

Former President Nasheed visited islands in the Meemu Mulaku constituency last Tuesday to support Latheef’s candidacy.

In addition to the Mulaku and Bilehdhoo contests, by-elections are also due to take place on Monday, October 29, for a vacant island council seats each in Alif Dhaal Dhidhoo and Laamu Maibaidhoo.

Meanwhile, newspaper Haveeru reported today that a delegation from the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) departed Male’ for Laamu Maibaidhoo and Meemu Mulaku to campaign for the party’s candidates Hassan Adil and Ali Ibrahim.

The delegation includes PPM Parliamentary Group Leader and MP for Meemu Mulaku, Abdulla Yameen, and interim Deputy Leader Abdul Raheem Abdulla as well as other PPM MPs.


One thought on “MDP, PPM campaigning ahead of Monday’s by-elections”

  1. we need to say no MDP people and PPM or any other party need to win this elections.

    MDP is a threat to our democracy and they are the biggest threat to our economy and they have takes our economy to 50 years backward.

    Anni and his corruption had increase our national debt from USD 380 million 990 Million in just three years .

    So called " health scheme " was use to get huge amount of money for some of Anni close allies . Look at the people to whom bid was awarded to bring medicine to the country and advance payment of millions were given and then part payments were made without having brought any medicine.

    Some clinics were used to rob the health scheme to get money from government without having treated patients and those loop wholes had made the first health scheme to collapse and then to have the second scheme which is also on the verge of collapse.


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