MDP to submit minimum wage bill

A bill governing the minimum wage of people employed in the Maldives has been sent to parliament by MDP Parliamentary Group Leader ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik, reports Haveeru.

“Some salaries are increasing day by day,’ Moosa told Haveeru, in reference to the recently-passed MP Privileges Bill, which grants MPs an Rf20,000 ‘committee allowance’ on told of their existing Rf 62,500 salary package.

“It is important for everyone working in the Maldives to be certain of the minimum wage that can be given to them, that is a right of every citizen. That’s why this bill is being drafted,” Moosa said.


One thought on “MDP to submit minimum wage bill”

  1. This bill is better than the other Bill awarding a massive salary rise to MPs.


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