MDP’s CNI member rejects government allowance

New Commission of National Inquiry (CNI) member Ahmed ‘Gahaa’ Saeed has informed the government that he will not claim the allowance allocated to commission members by the government, local media has reported.

“I told (President) Waheed even on the first day that I do not want an allowance. Deen (Vice-President Mohamed Waheedeen) was also present in the meeting. President said that he would allocate an allowance”, Saeed told Haveeru.

Upon contacting Saeed, Minivan News was told that the new CNI member would not be making any further statements to the media outside of the fortnightly press conferences arranged by the commission’s secretariat.

Saeed’s addition to the CNI is part of the recent reform of the group which is tasked with investigating the events surrounding the February’s transfer of power.

After pressure from both the local and the international community, the original CNI has been supplemented with a nominee from former President Mohamed Nasheed – Saeed – and an international component – retired Singaporean Supreme Court Judge G.P. Selvam.