MDP’s Lonuziyaaraiy Kolhu case continues

Further specifics of the government’s case against the Madivian Democratic Party (MDP) emerged duing the continuation of the Lonuziyaaraiy Kolhu case yesterday.

As the hearings neared their conclusion, the state was given the opportunity to defend itself against the charges levelled against it following the dismantling of the ‘Justice Square’ camp on Monday March 19.

Deputy Solicitor General of Attorney General’s (AG) Office Ahmed Usham, presented video and pictoral evidence to the court which, he argued, proves illegal activity was occurring on the site.

He also told the court that the MDP had breached the terms of the lease agreement with the council, utilising space beyond the boundaries of the agreed upon Tsunami Monument area. This claim was contested by the MDP.

Usham also suggested that the lease was made on the condition that the camp’s activities remained legal, did not disturb the local residents, and were respectful of prayer times; conditions that he argued were breached.

Finally, the government representative suggested that Male’ City Council’s (MCC) lease of the area for political purposes was in contravention of the decentralisation regulation which prohibits the use of public space for political purposes.

The MDP maintains that the seizure cannot be legal if it was not supported by a court order. They also pointed out that the alleged discovery of alcohol in the area had not yet been proven in court.

The case is scheduled to continue on Thursday.


2 thoughts on “MDP’s Lonuziyaaraiy Kolhu case continues”

  1. Why is MDP taking cases to courts in this country? I thought there are no courts in this country which they recognize. What a laugh. The lonuziyaraiy should never be given back to them. They are a menace in the area and the lives of people who live around have become a hell by continuous noise from them. Plus until we don't find genuine answers for the discovery of alcohol in their, in a yellow campaign box, we should not give them back that place for anything. MDP can just go to HELL.

  2. The MDP rallies at this site celebrated the best of what Maldivians share - namely humour - and through this there was a re-kindling of our much needed national pride and morale. The dismantling of this site and the manner in which it was conducted is typical of this regime's unimaginative repertoire:plant the evidence and destroy every thing else in a vandalistic manner, then claim you are justified in doing whatever you do. We can spot a pattern here, hello?

    @ Yasir we can spot a pattern here too, thought I had to spell that out, just in case..


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