Media receives government subsidies

The Finance Ministry has begun distributing Rf4 ($311,000) million in subsidies to private media organisations allocated by Parliament’s finance committee following its review of the 2010 state budget.

VTV, owned by businessman Gasim Ibrahim, received the highest amount (Rf1,060,000), followed by DhiTV (Rf820,000) and DhiFM (Rf434,000).

Other recipients were Radio Atoll (Rf 294,000), Faraway FM (Rf 252,000), Haveeru Daily (Rf 246,000), Aafathis (Rf 162,000), FutureTV (Rf 120,000), Miadhu Daily (Rf 102,000), Haama Daily (Rf 90,000), and HFM (Rf56,000).

Minivan News has not applied for subsidies.