Mega Maldives opens route to Chonquing

One-year-old Mega Maldives Airlines welcomed its fourth scheduled route between the capital Male and the Chinese commercial powerhouse of Chongqing in China’s south-western mainland last weekend, the first time the route has been serviced from the Maldives.

“Mega Maldives viewed Chongqing as the next logical choice as a direct connection between one of the world’s most renowned and most sought after holiday destinations and the heart of China’s commerce and industry.”

Chongqing boasts one-third of China’s automobile industry, and is also home to international retail and finance groups Ford, Mazda, HSBC, Deutsche Bank and Wal Mart.

Mega Maldives currently operates flights to Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Chonquing flights depart Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (INIA) every five days for the 7 hour flight.