Missing girl found at Hulhuamalé ferry terminal after 49 days

Police have announced that they have found 16-year-old Fathimath Malha 49 days after she was reported missing.

She was found at around 5.20pm at the Hulhumalé Ferry Terminal on Monday afternoon (October 13). Police have reported her to be in good health.

They stated that the Family and Child Protection Department of the police had, in alliance with the Malé City Police, searched multiple locations in Malé, Hulhumalé, and Villimalé with court orders.

Police also reported that they conducted searches in various islands in the atolls for Malha, who was first reported missing on August 25.

Local media reported the case as being a ‘runaway’, though police declined from explaining on what basis the case was investigated. No additional information regarding Malha has been shared with the public.