MNDF begins recruitment drive for unspecified number of soldiers

The Maldives National Defense Forces (MNDF) has started a recruitment drive for an unspecified number of soldiers.

New recruits are to staff the Marine Corps Unit, Special Forces Unit, the Fire and Rescue Services Unit, Special Protection Group, Military Police, Medical Services Unit, Corps Engineers, Service Corps and the Coast Guard.

Speaking to the press, MNDF Spokesperson Major Hussain Ali said the MNDF will decide on how many soldiers it will recruit during the interview process.

He said the MNDF had decided to open up new positions at this time in order to recruit students who had finished their GCSE O’Level exams in November.

The MNDF recently dismissed nine senior ranking officers on charges of sowing discord within the military.

Defense Minister Mohamed Nazim has announced a new Strategic Action Plan pledging to strengthen the national security framework, establish a welfare system that does not rely on the state budget, develop infrastructure to enhance soldier’s living and working conditions and expand education and training facilities to further professionalise the army.

The MNDF is to establish a TV channel, open a day care center, and build a new 72 flat building in Bandeyri Koshi under the new strategic action plan.