MNSL appoints director to oversee closure of Singapore operations

Cabinet Secretary Abdulla Saeed has been appointed to manage the closure of the Maldives National Shipping Limited’s (MNSL) Singapore operations, according to media reports.

Haveeru reported that Saeed, who also serves as chairman of the Maldives National Oil Company (MNOC), will work as a director alongside a staff accountant in order to settle any outstanding debts and return company assets to Male’ ahead of the office being shut.

The decision to close the group’s Singapore office has reportedly been taken as the company’s cargo carriers were not operating in the country.

According to Haveeru, the former office head of the MNSL’s Singapore operations, Mohamed ‘MM’ Moosa Manik, had been offered the director post but had opted to leave the company instead.

Saeed is himself already based in Singapore, according to the report.

The MNSL operates as the Maldives’ flagship freight transportation group.


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  1. It is a very sad day. 20 years ago we had over 100 ships and 2500 Maldivians working in MSL. To day we are closing the Singapore office after turning this profitable venture into 15 universal resorts and a shipping company operated by the same crooks.


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